Questionnaire Running

Questionnaire running is the central stage of the process of data collection. The relationship with interviewees is key and connecting with them might be sometimes highly problematic, especially in cases of complex phenomena analysis approached through open-ended questions. The choice of the specific data gathering technique is critical too, and depends on the basis of different elements.

Our team is able to run questionnaires through the following techniques:

  • CAWI – Computer Assisted Web Interviewing
  • CATI – Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing
  • CAPI – Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing
  • CASI – Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing
  • TAPI – Tablet Assisted Personal Interviewing
  • TASI – Tablet Assisted Self Interviewing
  • SAPI – Smartphone Assisted Personal Interviewing
  • SASI – Smartphone Assisted Self Interviewing

Monitoring all these stages represents one the most important parts of the whole process, and requires excellent team management and coordination, problem solving, and continuous statistical analysis in order to evaluate potential levels of criticality.