The methodology adopted by YourDATA is based on high-quality standards coming from the world of academic research. Over the last years, our team has led and co-ordinated different projects of research within the University of Cagliari, in collaboration with well renowned international partners such as Harvard Business School and LSE (London School of Economics). During all these projects, typical standards of top-profile pieces of research have been followed: high-standard of quality during the whole process, from day one to the end of each project; high reliability of information gathered; constant relationship with client; on-going critical analysis and improvement of methodologies adopted; high standard of professionalism in delivering results against challenging multiple deadlines.

Over the past years, YourDATA core team has acquired a high level of expertise in the specific methodology adopted for the first time by Nicholas Bloom and John Van Reenen within the project World Management Survey concerning managerial practices measurement through a structured open-ended questionnaire.

This is a clear evidence of the unique know-how in possess of our team. YourDATA offers a complete service of consultancy with reference to all crucial aspects that precede the crucial stage of data collection (e.g. ad-hoc questionnaire tailoring accordingly to client’ needs; identification of the population and sample definition), those inherent the whole process of data collection (questionnaire running; process monitoring; strategies to maximise interviewees’ rate of response), those that ensure the data collection process (e.g. data cleaning process, final dataset building; data gathered checking; detailed report production). All the above-mentioned steps are characterized by rigorous statistical and methodological procedures; our team of experts and our internationally renowned scientific consultants guarantee maximum level of efficiency and accuracy during all stages.

Sample Identification.

The identification of the representative sample of the population object of analysis is key in any data collection practice…

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Questionnaire tailoring.

Questionnaire tailoring is surely another key step on the whole process of data collection…

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Questionnaire running.

Questionnaire running is the central stage of the process of data collection…

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Final database building.

When the whole process of data collection is completed, we validate the quality of information gathered…

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Periodic and Final Reports Production.

At the end of the process of data collection, we ensure the elaboration…

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