Project Description

The Project

HEARTEN is a project funded by the European Union, with twelve partners from six European countries; three Universities, two research centers, five SMEs, one industry partner and one Healthcare authority partner. HEARTEN consortium join forces to engage all actors related to the management of patients suffering from Heart Failure (HF), towards developing a multi-stakeholder patient centered mHealth ecosystem.

An innovative mobile platform will allow patients suffering from Heart Failure to be managed and linked with Healthcare professionals, caregivers, their families, physical activity experts, nutritionists, just using their smartphones. The mobile platform will be developed in the framework of the HEARTEN project.

A breath sensor will be integrated into the smartphone and a saliva sensor will be integrated into the patient’s cup; these are the key elements of HEARTEN of monitoring the changes in the patient’s health status. In addition, sensors will monitor the activity of the heart, the blood pressure and the physical activity of the patient. With the support of an intelligent processing module and data collection and analysis, it will be possible to provide the HF patient with the appropriate therapeutic changes and suggestions to improve adherence and intervene before frailty incidences occur.